October 26, 2022

Always be Implementing

Jessica Hardesty

Associate Director, Strategic Growth

As a proudly platform agnostic agency, we’re always exploring new features and tools. With more clients considering Optimizely, we asked their team to join us for a panel discussion. Jessica Hardesty, Associate Director, Strategic Growth tells you what we learned.

No doubt you’ve heard of Optimizely as an experimentation platform that helps marketers build and run A/B tests on websites. But are you aware that they are a recognized market leader in digital experience platforms? 

Our team are experts in implementing the leading digital experience platforms and we strive to remain platform agnostic. This allows us to partner with our clients and the platform providers to align on the best possible solution to meet their business needs. As such, we are continuously looking to equip our Genuine team members–from Account and Project Management to UX and Creative with the latest and greatest features and tools. 

As some of Genuine’s newest, and biggest, clients are utilizing Optimizely to power their websites, and more and more prospecting clients are considering Optimizely for their digital experience platforms, we thought it might be helpful to have Optimizely join us for an interactive panel discussion around their impressive platform. 

Joined by our Partner Development Manager and members of their Product Evangelist team, Optimizely took us through a brief overview of their products and services followed by a panel discussion with the full Genuine team.


Some of our key takeaways included:


  • Optimizely has hand-picked solutions for each stage in the creation lifecycle, generating an integrated tool set working toward a common goal of creating amazing digital experiences. These solutions range from Content Cloud, their CMS Platform to build dynamic websites & built-in suite of Personalization to content recommendations that act upon the unique interests of each visitor in real-time to help deliver personalization with minimal manual effort.



  • While many DXP service providers tend to focus on the digital experience as a whole, Optimizely creates a path of adoption depending on where you are in your digital maturity:
    • Crawl - develop the core platform in conjunction with marketing teams
    • Walk - optimize the site using machine-driven recommendations to create best evergreen experiences
    • Run - begin optimization of the site, asking key questions about iterations and improvement
    • Fly - understand customers by diving into omni-channel data to develop segments for application back to the platform to create long-term growth and the next phase of development

         Optimizely’s path of adoption is structured around where you are in your digital maturity.


  • One of Optimizely's largest competitive advantages to market are its experimentation tools and services. Optimizely actually has two types of experimentation which work with any CMS and any platform and they are one of the only platforms in the market that offers both of these solutions in tandem. 
    • Front end experimentation–for website testing more for variations on browser based or web-based solutions 
    • Full stack experimentation–for more back end or or SDK based testing for feature flagging and roll out

When new clients come to Genuine looking to replatform or improve their digital experience, we leverage our own real-world experience coupled with input from analysts like Forrester and Gartner to guide our recommendations. And after evaluating current tools, services and technologies, it’s no surprise that Optimizely is a contender in most DXP consideration sets. Optimizely continues to move upward and to the right in analyst reports while also increasing market share. 


We're excited to partner with Optimizely as they continue their growth trajectory. If you’re considering a new website platform or you’d like to know how you could be getting more out of your Optimizely investment, contact us, we’d love to chat!