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Apr 3, 2018

We get this question a lot. Brands large and small tend to explore these kind of updates every 5-10 years, but here at Genuine, we pretty much do this every day.

There are three phases that we cycle through as part of our assessment of the best tech for you.

Requirements Gathering: First and foremost, we’ll need to determine both your business and technical requirements before we do anything. We’ll look at things like data stores and third-party integrations to better understand how a new platform would fit within your existing stack. This information will ultimately be used to vet platforms for the best fit.

Platform analysis: Our understanding of the tech ecosystem and analyst data allows us to make informed decisions through the lens of our clients’ requirements. Based on your needs, goals and current architecture, we’ll put together a shortlist and an assessment of how well a partner could meet your business and technical requirements. What follows are presentations from the partners we recommend; they’ll explain their technologies within the context of your larger stack.

Recommendation phase: After the presentations and follow-ups are complete, Genuine will deliver a final recommendation that goes well beyond the “here’s the best platform for you.” We’ll define how the platform will sit within your greater tech infrastructure and lead you through how all of your systems -- new and old -- will work together.

Of course, our work never stops there; many clients ask us to work closely with their internal teams to manage the implementation and migration. If you’d like to explore updating portions of your tech stack or want to ask some specific questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Mike

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