Agile Brand

Apr 5, 2018

A quick google search on “agility” suggests that there are three main audiences for the term: dog trainers, gamers, and multinational corporations desperately seeking digital transformation. While we all wish this essay was about teaching cute puppers how to jump through hoops, we’re going to stay on topic and focus on how to build an agile brand - without jumping through a lot of hoops yourself.

An agile brand is designed to identify and take advantage of changing marketplace conditions.

An agile brand leverages data and insights to identify business opportunities and pivots its marketing and communications approach to reflect new realities. An agile brand also works in a dynamic fashion and removes barriers that impede the ability to get things done quickly.

In other words, to build an agile brand you have to think differently and work differently.

Agile brands are data and insight-driven. They study changes in technology, culture and platforms to understand where the market is heading and the potential impact on their business. They embrace test-and-learn campaigns, amplifying successes and learning from failures. They quickly respond to relevant brand opportunities and are willing to take risks.

Agile brands also work in a more agile method, taking cues from the development world. They focus on quickly driving tangible outcomes, they keep key decision makers engaged throughout the process, and they work in a more collaborative fashion.

To successfully build an agile brand requires three key elements: an organization that embraces an agile brand philosophy, people to champion building an agile brand, and internal processes that support an agile brand. You could call them the 3P’s of building agile brands (but I won’t).

Ultimately, the goal of being an agile brand is to maintain cultural relevancy in an ever-changing world. With the 280 character news cycle, rapid changes in technology and human behavior, and data-led opportunities in advanced targeting and messaging, brands can no longer afford to live on an annual planning cycle.

A dynamic age calls for an agile brand. Are you ready?