Rotoscoping: The Zen of Motion Graphics

Rotoscoping is the terrible and painstaking process of tracing elements footage frame-by-frame to create a matte. Many times this matte is just used invisibly to help you accomplish other tasks in your shot, such as making animated characters appear to pass behind real objects, or replacing the content in a signpost with something new. But just as often, rotoscoping is a powerful and high-value technique for creating wicked cool visuals.

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Twitter and the NFL: The Next Step for Media Consumption

It’s no secret that, since it went public, Twitter has disappointed shareholders and made myopic non-believers of the micro-blogging platform tell everyone “I told you so.” Perhaps many of those people don’t see the value in Twitter, but even power-users can agree that it hasn’t evolved like its social media competitors. It’s not popular for peer-to-peer communication—onboarding yourself makes you feel lost in a forest with no compass—and some people still proclaim they just “don’t get it, man.”

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What is Matchmoving?

Matchmoving is the process of following one or more features in a piece of video over time. This technique is incredibly useful and is the first step to just about every motion design and visual effects shot involving footage. But as with every other facet of motion graphics, VFX, and animation, matchmoving is a huge umbrella, under which whole industries have specialized. The tools and techniques available for building new assets into live action footage are intensely varied: How do you know which route to take?

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Motion Graphics: Make the Best of Every Dimension

Just as choosing the right CMS for your new site or the right hashtags for next year’s social calendar can fundamentally shape your brand’s digital experience, the question of whether your next motion graphics spot should be developed in a 2D or 3D style is one of the most important parts of successfully communicating your message. It’s all just a matter of perspective.

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Motion Graphics vs. Animation

“You say you’re a ‘motion designer?’ Oh, you mean you’re an animator?”

-Everyone at every party I’ve ever been to, ever.

The terms motion graphics and animation are often used interchangeably, and sometimes that’s okay. To animate merely means to give life to something, and that can mean giving life to a line of text or primitive shapes just as much as to Bugs Bunny or Wall-E. But are these two labels really the same beast?

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How to Speak Motion Graphics: What’s Visual Hierarchy?

In our last installment, we touched on a few of the tools and concepts that motion designers and graphic designers have in common. Another super-important concept we share is visual hierarchy, otherwise known as the art of getting you to pay attention to stuff. It’s a theory designers of every stripe rely on to lead the viewer through the design in a deliberate and effective way.

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