Strategists Come Together to Strategize Over Crafting Strategy

Genuine recently hosted a diverse group of 50+ designers, UXers, researchers, developers, product managers and start-up execs for a Boston Strategy meetup around “UX Strategy.” A few of us, including Lauren Werner and myself, had the great opportunity to share what this means for us to the group. And while our roles and companies varied greatly, along with our individual challenges, we could all hold to a few truths. Read More →

How to Create Functional Forms

These days, just about every site needs great forms. Forms generate leads, create support tickets, collect user feedback and are even a source of potential new product innovation from your customer base. The big problem is that forms can be confusing and frustrating for your users. When that happens, the users either stop, give you weak data, or worse, just plug in fake data. Read More →

How to “Crush it” With Quick Usability Testing

Usability testing can be time-consuming, but not difficult. In the past, the Genuine UX team had done traditional, in-person-moderated usability testing. However, with the industry shift to Lean UX and quick prototyping and testing process, we have been taking a faster approach to testing without sacrificing quality by using an online testing service. Here are a few things we have learned along the way.

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Frameworks: Foundations for UX

Frameworks are the tools we use to make meaning from empathy and go from problem to solution. ” – UX Boston

UX Boston had it’s last meetup of 2015 in late November at the Fidelity Investments Center for Applied Technology. Two of Genuine’s UX team members attended the session led by organizers Jason Goodwin and Suzanne Hamill. As a group, we explored how to utilize several types of UX frameworks through a series of fun and interactive exercises.

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Content Strategy in the UX World

The Genuine UX team is committed to participating in the the vibrant Boston UX community so we didn’t dream of missing November’s UX meetup. Half our team visited the Google offices for November’s UX Boston meetup, brushing shoulders with the likes of Marli Mesibov of Mad*Pow, Caroline Roberts and Krista Siniscarco from Mullen, and Jonathan Abbett of

Since you may have not have made it over the Charles on that balmy November eve, here are some highlights we got excited about!

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When to Use the Hamburger Menu

One of the most hotly contested design conventions in modern web design is the “hamburger menu” – a web designers’ nickname for the three horizontal lines that you see in the top corner of most mobile sites.  Although you’ve probably seen it before, many web designers abhor it, and cheer every time a large-scale company (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) moves away from a hamburger menu to a different form of navigation.  Why, then, does the hamburger menu appear on so many websites and apps?

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