Can Social Media Really Help SEO?

Now that’s a question that has been wildly debated for quite some time. Let me first start off by stating that Google hasn’t divulged that there’s a direct correlation between social sharing/engagement and search rankings. We can confirm, however, that Google does in fact take site engagement (time on site, page views, etc.) into account…to a certain degree. Read More →

10 Ways to Get a Leg Up on SEO Before Site Launch

Now, you may be thinking, “I’m in the midst of a complete website redesign, don’t I already have enough to think about?” Yes, but if you want that fancy new site of yours to actually be seen by users and search engines, you’ll need a plan. To help guide your site-launch journey I’ve put together a list of 10 items that should be embraced to enhance your search visibility prior to launch. Read More →

Digital Experience Cloud and Episerver Managed Services

Digital Experience Cloud is Episerver’s cloud offering wrapping Episerver CMS, Find, and Commerce together in one hosted platform. Episerver Managed Services is the support team behind that operation which provides the following: a help desk and a team of technicians that will deploy sites, manage environment revisions, create database backups, and troubleshoot incidents for you. They have operations centers around the world which allow them to support applications 24/7.

Let’s take a look at the takeaways from Genuine’s recent opportunity to implement the Digital Experience Cloud Platform and work with Episerver Managed Services.
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Solving Problems with the OBJECT (Element) in IE/Edge

The moral of this story was quite simple: the OBJECT Element in IE/Edge Doesn’t Work the Way You Would Think It Should. It was getting through the issue and to that conclusion that made some of our developers view this brick wall (above) as being ripe for a head-bashing (our own heads, that is). What we found in the end was that, if you’re using the OBJECT element to bring in external content, make sure the server and firewall of the server that the content lives on allows HEAD requests. Duh! Read More →

5 Lessons Learned on the Path to SEO Brilliance

As a recent college graduate, immersing myself in the world of SEO has had a definite learning curve. Familiarizing myself with it has been a gradual process and although I’ve yet to become the sage of SEO, I have learned a few important things along the way. Taking you through all the lessons I’ve learned since day one would be impossible, so I’d like to share 5 realizations I have had since the beginning of my SEO journey.

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