4 Highlights & Lessons Learned from eMetrics 2017

Last week, I had the privilege to not only attend, but also speak at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco. The summit, which is in held in concert with Predictive Analytics World, brings together marketing analytics practitioners and experts to discuss hot topics around the impact of data and technology on marketing ROI.

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WTF is Context Marketing and How Do I Get Started?

There’s no doubt that the consumer is more powerful than ever. I’ve written about it. Forrester and Gartner (and McKinsey and Accenture and many others) have researched and written about it extensively. Even my mom (hey Margie) has weighed in on the topic to some extent.

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Data Analysis: The Foundation for Inventing Strong Personalization

I will admit it – I hate math. Numbers are my enemy. When I think about math and data analysis, I am taken back to the days of equations on chalk boards and TI-83 calculators. That being said, math and numbers have become part of my daily life because data is key to developing strong digital strategies, and more specifically personalization.

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Strategists Come Together to Strategize Over Crafting Strategy

Genuine recently hosted a diverse group of 50+ designers, UXers, researchers, developers, product managers and start-up execs for a Boston Strategy meetup around “UX Strategy.” A few of us, including Lauren Werner and myself, had the great opportunity to share what this means for us to the group. And while our roles and companies varied greatly, along with our individual challenges, we could all hold to a few truths. Read More →

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