Iceland Ascending: My Weekend at Drupal Camp Northern Lights

The weekend of February 24th I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Drupal Camp Northern Lights, the inaugural Drupal camp in Iceland. The overall experience of the camp was exciting, informative, friendly and diverse. And with a tagline of “The Coolest Drupal Camp Ever” it lived up to it, both literally and figuratively. Let’s go through a timeline of events to show you how and why. Read More →

Creating AJAX Callback Commands in Drupal 8

Mike Miles will be speaking on AJAX Callback Commands at MidCamp 2016. Read on for a sneak preview of that talk. Article reposted with permission from Mike Miles.

One of the biggest benefits of the AJAX framework introduced in Drupal 7 were callback commands, functions which return a json object of commands to run for any AJAX request. Callback commands, like many things in Drupal, are extensible meaning you can create and invoke your own.

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New Drupal 8 Features Enhance Genuine’s IPG Media Wall

In December, we announced that we had been chosen by our parent company to complete a media wall for the new IPG offices. The wall was out first use of the newest version of Drupal, allowing us to explore some of its newest features and use them to create an experience helps visitors fully understand the breadth of the IPG family.

Drupal 8 launched in late November and as our first project with this version, we learned there were a few changes to the codebase and key updates added in the development tools. Read on to see how we took advantage of the new Drupal 8 features it has to offer.

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