Embrace Change Strategically: The Instagram Algorithm 2016

Instagram Marketing Strategy
Remember that (other) big Instagram news? The one that was going to break the space-time continuum of Instagram? Well…it still hasn’t happened yet, but in light of the new branding, we’d guess it’s not too far away. So, put aside your feelings on the new logo, and start preparing for the newsfeed algorithm coming soon(ish). Read More →

Twitter and the NFL: The Next Step for Media Consumption

It’s no secret that, since it went public, Twitter has disappointed shareholders and made myopic non-believers of the micro-blogging platform tell everyone “I told you so.” Perhaps many of those people don’t see the value in Twitter, but even power-users can agree that it hasn’t evolved like its social media competitors. It’s not popular for peer-to-peer communication—onboarding yourself makes you feel lost in a forest with no compass—and some people still proclaim they just “don’t get it, man.”

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Mobile-Geddon 2016 – Are you prepared?

Google recently
announced on its Webmaster Central blog that, come May, it would be placing an even greater emphasis on mobile-friendly sites. Per usual, Google was vague on the specifics. However, they were clear to highlight that, if you do not have a mobile-friendly site, you will be even further penalized in organic search ranking.

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Programmatic Media for Dummies

Programmatic media buying has been a buzz-worthy topic in the digital community for the last several years, with annual media investments soaring. Yet, when asked, “what is programmatic?” most marketers are likely to give you one of three answers: it’s software, discount ads, or media buying. But these are half answers, only highlighting the confusion that still surrounds the medium.

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Top 3 Reasons to Work in Advertising Operations

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Digital advertising is an essential part of the marketing mix for brands across verticals to reach the millions of people using various digital platforms every day. As digital campaigns continue to grow in importance and scale, their success cannot be by chance. It is essential that someone consistently monitors the campaigns to ensure optimal performance. This is the world of Advertising Operations a.k.a. Ad Ops, an emerging and integral part of digital advertising.

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