Culture of Innovation

Innovation is having a moment. Brands, products and individuals are all striving to be and say that they are innovative. But unpacking this word has lead me to some bigger questions… what does it really mean to be truly innovative? How can you foster a culture of innovation within a company? How do you find and attract innovative people?  I had the opportunity to get more insight into my questions when attending a panel hosted by MITX called “Disruptive Innovators Series: The Anatomy of an Innovator.

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Genuine’s First Client-Inspired Hackathon

In our industry, clients occasionally ask for a proof of concept before committing to larger projects. The POC is a fun exercise that shows the capabilities and talent of our teams, and ultimately proves that an exciting creative idea can become a reality. Recently, we were asked to do just that by a client, but with a twist: they wanted it run like a hackathon.

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