Digital Experience Cloud and Episerver Managed Services

Digital Experience Cloud is Episerver’s cloud offering wrapping Episerver CMS, Find, and Commerce together in one hosted platform. Episerver Managed Services is the support team behind that operation which provides the following: a help desk and a team of technicians that will deploy sites, manage environment revisions, create database backups, and troubleshoot incidents for you. They have operations centers around the world which allow them to support applications 24/7.

Let’s take a look at the takeaways from Genuine’s recent opportunity to implement the Digital Experience Cloud Platform and work with Episerver Managed Services.
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Data Analysis: The Foundation for Inventing Strong Personalization

I will admit it – I hate math. Numbers are my enemy. When I think about math and data analysis, I am taken back to the days of equations on chalk boards and TI-83 calculators. That being said, math and numbers have become part of my daily life because data is key to developing strong digital strategies, and more specifically personalization.

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Embrace Change Strategically: The Instagram Algorithm 2016

Instagram Marketing Strategy
Remember that (other) big Instagram news? The one that was going to break the space-time continuum of Instagram? Well…it still hasn’t happened yet, but in light of the new branding, we’d guess it’s not too far away. So, put aside your feelings on the new logo, and start preparing for the newsfeed algorithm coming soon(ish). Read More →

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