Programmatic Media for Dummies

Programmatic media buying has been a buzz-worthy topic in the digital community for the last several years, with annual media investments soaring. Yet, when asked, “what is programmatic?” most marketers are likely to give you one of three answers: it’s software, discount ads, or media buying. But these are half answers, only highlighting the confusion that still surrounds the medium.

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2015 Brocation in Brolington, VT: The #GoProRyan Chronicles

Here at Genuine, we work hard as a team, so it only makes sense that we play hard as a team too. A little while back, when there was no snow and warmth left in the Northeast, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Genuine Beer Club, where we meet once a month after hours to imbibe some tasty brews. As a club, we pick a monthly style or theme for the beer. Then, we each bring in a bottle and go down the line sampling the collective bounty. It’s a fantastic way to wind down after a busy day.

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