Top 3 Reasons to Work in Advertising Operations

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Digital advertising is an essential part of the marketing mix for brands across verticals to reach the millions of people using various digital platforms every day. As digital campaigns continue to grow in importance and scale, their success cannot be by chance. It is essential that someone consistently monitors the campaigns to ensure optimal performance. This is the world of Advertising Operations a.k.a. Ad Ops, an emerging and integral part of digital advertising.

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Frameworks: Foundations for UX

Frameworks are the tools we use to make meaning from empathy and go from problem to solution. ” – UX Boston

UX Boston had it’s last meetup of 2015 in late November at the Fidelity Investments Center for Applied Technology. Two of Genuine’s UX team members attended the session led by organizers Jason Goodwin and Suzanne Hamill. As a group, we explored how to utilize several types of UX frameworks through a series of fun and interactive exercises.

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New Drupal 8 Features Enhance Genuine’s IPG Media Wall

In December, we announced that we had been chosen by our parent company to complete a media wall for the new IPG offices. The wall was out first use of the newest version of Drupal, allowing us to explore some of its newest features and use them to create an experience helps visitors fully understand the breadth of the IPG family.

Drupal 8 launched in late November and as our first project with this version, we learned there were a few changes to the codebase and key updates added in the development tools. Read on to see how we took advantage of the new Drupal 8 features it has to offer.

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Motion Graphics: Make the Best of Every Dimension

Just as choosing the right CMS for your new site or the right hashtags for next year’s social calendar can fundamentally shape your brand’s digital experience, the question of whether your next motion graphics spot should be developed in a 2D or 3D style is one of the most important parts of successfully communicating your message. It’s all just a matter of perspective.

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