When to Use the Hamburger Menu

One of the most hotly contested design conventions in modern web design is the “hamburger menu” – a web designers’ nickname for the three horizontal lines that you see in the top corner of most mobile sites.  Although you’ve probably seen it before, many web designers abhor it, and cheer every time a large-scale company (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) moves away from a hamburger menu to a different form of navigation.  Why, then, does the hamburger menu appear on so many websites and apps?

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We Are Genuine

Our version of our talent handbook is appropriately named a “User’s Guide to Genuine.” In it, we share with prospective and new team members our POV on the digital world and what one can expect during their time here at Genuine. What we want our team members to understand is that the foundation of our growth and culture is the ability to invent, evolve, and change as quickly as the digital world changes around us.

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The Rules of the Cinemagraph

The cinemagraph – the illusive, the illustrious, the must-have creative for every new digital campaign, also seems to be the most confusing and misutilized creative in digital today. Both clients and creatives alike remain perplexed. But have no fear; today we are going to clear a few things up because cinemagraphs are great creative devices and the perfect answer to the auto-play, auto-looping, no-sound video formats now standard on many social media platforms.

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Social Analytics: What are They Really Telling You?

When building a strategy and campaign for social media, analytics are vital at every step of the process, from research to planning to the ultimate evaluation of a campaign. Yet, social analytics do not tell the entire story. A recent study from Vision Critical found “almost 85% of what you hear on social media comes from slightly less than 30% of the social media audience.” So, how do we combat the disproportionate influence this small population, the “Enthusiasts” as Vision Critical calls them, has on analytics to ensure we drive the most value for our clients?

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Multi-screen & multi-tasking: How are users consuming media on today’s devices?

Between smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions, consumers seem to have more devices than time to pay attention to them. Yet, according to eMarketer, in 2016, growth in mobile device usage is predicted to fall into the single digits after nearly doubling as recent as 2012. And total media consumption has leveled off at an estimated 12 hours per day. As these trends collide, marketers can finally begin to catch up and connect with consumers who seem to have been looking everywhere and anywhere, except their content—but how?

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Brands: Resist the Urge to Claim Those Special “Holidays”

We’ve entered an era where there’s a day to celebrate everything and a corresponding hashtag for ample brand conversations. Ever since Oreo tweeted that damned “You can still dunk in the dark” comment during the Super Bowl, brands have yearned for their 15+ minutes of fame where we all praise them for how cleverly they connected their brand in real-time.

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How to Speak Motion Graphics: What’s Visual Hierarchy?

In our last installment, we touched on a few of the tools and concepts that motion designers and graphic designers have in common. Another super-important concept we share is visual hierarchy, otherwise known as the art of getting you to pay attention to stuff. It’s a theory designers of every stripe rely on to lead the viewer through the design in a deliberate and effective way.

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