3 Reasons Your Digital Agency Should Do Your Traditional Ads

A recent report by eConsultancy says digital advertising will overtake TV by 2017. “The traditional TV model is breaking apart,” said Laura Desmond, chief executive of Starcom MediaVest, one of the world’s largest ad-buying companies. “It’s both a crisis and a huge opportunity.” In advance of that tectonic shift, I’m going to make a simple suggestion: replace your traditional ad agency with a digital interactive one and have them do it all.

Why? Three reasons:

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A Look Back at Motion Graphics

Motion design (or motion graphics) is one of those disciplines without a solid definition, but many folks feel they know it when they see it. Title sequences for movies? Yup. Animation for brands and corporate clients? Sure. These are fair assumptions that cover a lot of the work coming out today, but it’s not a complete definition.

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