OPENPediatrics for the Win!

Dust off your drumrolls folks: Today, the Tech Museum of Innovation has named OPENPediatrics as a 2015 Tech Awards Laureate! The annual Tech awards recognize projects that address globally significant problems through innovative uses of technology. OPENPediatrics joins a group of educational innovators that includes prior laureate Sal Khan of Khan Academy and MIT OPENCourseWare.

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A Marketing Lesson from the Book of Mormon

While religion is typically not a discussion I like to have with co-workers, clients, acquaintances and perfect strangers, it’s worth reflecting on what I learned from The Book of Mormon (in all its forms.)  

Last week I attended the opening night of Boston’s 2015 run of “The Book of Mormon,” a religious satire musical that follows two bright-eyed Mormon missionaries on their mission to spread the teachings of the Mormon church to a small village in Uganda. It’s from the creators of South Park, so it was, you know, tame, family-oriented and politically correct.

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