100 DrupalCon Sessions in 5 Days? Which Ones Should You Attend?

DrupalCon is packed with great sessions and interesting topics, but how do you choose which sessions to attend among the many within one week? Genuine asked its VP of Technology and Associate Director of PHP development to share the top sessions they plan to attend.

Mike Norman, VP of Technology:

Running a Distributed Drupal Shop (Tuesday, 10:45 am in Room 19-Lullabot)

“With the recent acquisition by Jack Morton, Genuine will be opening offices around the country and internationally.  We recognize that our team will have interest in working in some of these offices, so rather than push against it, we want to learn some of the best practices for running a distributed team.”

Train Wrecks, Ugly Babies: The Gory Details, Part 2 (Tuesday, 5:00 pm in Room 16-Pantheon)

“Everyone has worked on projects that went off the rails, the key is learning something from those projects.  What better way to learn than from other people’s problem children!”

Time Inc’s Big Move to Drupal (Wednesday, 10:45 am in Room 16-Pantheon)

“One of the biggest battles we still face is convincing clients that Drupal (or open source in general) is an enterprise level platform that can meet all their business needs.  What usually sways a client is hearing other big organizations have made that move.  An organization like Time Inc brings a lot of weight with it, so we look forward to hearing what swayed them and the benefits they are getting from the platform.”

A Novel, Lean, Sustainable Interpretation of Scrum (Thursday, 1:00pm in Room F–Blackmesh)

“Genuine is always looking to improve process to make us as efficient as possible.  It saves our clients money and time.  It’s always interesting to hear what other companies are doing and how they evolving their processes as well.”

Mike Miles, Associate Director of PHP Development:

Securing Your Drupal Site: Advice For Site Builders and Coders (Tuesday, 2:15 in Room 18-Acquia, 4th Floor)

“The best way to debunk myths of Drupal’s limited security abilities is to gain insight into additional security best practices. With these practices, we can apply them to client websites to ensure optimized security.”

Routing: From Symfony via CMF to Drupal (Tuesday, 3:45 in Room14- SensioLabs)

“In preparation for Drupal 8’s release, Genuine’s PHP team is working to learn more about Symfony and how it works. The more we understand Symfony, the better equipped we’ll be to build robust performance sites with Drupal 8.”

Config Commands, A Boris Shell, Views Support, and Other New Features in Drush 7 (Wednesday, 1 pm in Room F-Blackmesh, 4th Floor)

“Drush is a quintessential tool for any Drupal developer. This session will help me learn about the new features Drush 7 will provide including Configuration commands, a Boris REPL Shell, and Views commands.”

Understanding XHProf: Pinpointing Why Your Site is Slow and How to Fix It (Wednesday, 2:15pm in Room 18-Acquia, 4th Floor)

“XHProf is a tool that helps to find performance issues with sites and this session will provide more knowledge that can help Genuine’s PHP team. This session will help us leverage XHProf to find and fix performance issues with websites.”

Planning for Performance (Thursday, 10:45 am in Room 17-Forum One, 4th Floor)

“At Genuine, we’re always looking to improve our teams ability to plan for performance when architecting client sites. This session will help me identify risks and create a strategy. Additionally, as an Acquia Channel Partner, I’m looking forward to hearing their Technical Team Leads offer their insights to planning for performance.”


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