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  • 1.2 Billion impressions in two days
  • 4X average share rate on Mashable

With a million places to go in New York, there's an ongoing battle with nowhere "to go" in New York. We teamed up with Charmin to create the first ever, on demand mobile-toilet service ...


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  • 2017 Reggie Award (Gold)
  • 2017 Chief Marketer! Pro Award (Silver)

For the last decade, Audible - the leader in spoken word content - has been advancing interest in audio storytelling. With consumer interest at an all-time high, Audible came looking for ways to engage with new audiences and create impact on a large scale. That was music to our ears.

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At Genuine, we have a team of makers and tinkerers who develop custom applications for data-rich live activations, physical installations and mobile experiences to bring your products and services to life.

We believe the best experiences use digital to tell a brand’s narrative in more compelling ways, and so today’s most savvy brands are seamlessly integrating their digital and social media experiences into live events.


Three years ago, Jack Morton Worldwide and Genuine integrated their respective agency offerings for digital experiences and live events.


These days most live events have a digital component to them, and when we have the ability to responsibly integrate skill sets at a deeper level, we can drive added value for our clients and their customers.

Craig Millon, Managing Director


  • Brands: Revlon, Gilette, Right Guard, Sensor, Oral-B, and Braun
  • Agencies: The Faneuil Group, Marketing Drive, Jack Morton Worldwide

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  • Sequirus
  • Zantac
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Sanofi
  • Baxter
  • Partners Healthcare
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Boston Childrens Hospital
  • Novartis
  • Shire
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Insulet Corporation