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All marketing is an investment from which you expect results. Clients come to Genuine for results every single time, irrespective of which services we ultimately employ in those pursuits. 

We live in a rapidly evolving business and consumer digital landscape, where technology demands constant attention and adaptation. I've recently taken over Genuine (after 16 years at Digitas) with the belief that today's most powerful brands are built from a digital-first perspective. Starting with our extraordinary team of technologists (existing in-house upon my arrival in September), I’ve had the pleasure of building out a team of highly experienced, complementary specialists, together sewing a rich tapestry across disciplines and leading agencies.

We do all of this with a simple goal: to assemble – under one roof – a cohesive team of agency veterans and emerging technology specialists working together to help you with everything from websites and technologies, to branding and strategy, live digital experiences, campaigns and content, media and analytics... and everything else that's been invented since I’ve written this note.

Tim Haarmann, Managing Director



  • EVP / Head of Account Management
  • Digitas, Boston (16 years)

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Tim Haarmann
Managing Director Tim Haarmann

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  • BIC
  • Harvard Business School
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Lysol
  • Sequirus
  • Veritas Genetics
  • Wellpet
  • iRobot
  • Hatch
  • MITX
  • MediaPost OMMA
  • Webby