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Our promise as an agency is to help build agile brands. An agile brand is designed to identify and take advantage of changing marketplace conditions.

An agile brand leverages data and insights to identify business opportunities and pivots its marketing and communications approach to reflect new realities. An agile brand also works in a dynamic fashion and removes barriers that impede the ability to get things done quickly. In other words, to build an agile brand you have to think differently and work differently.

Invent Together: We call this approach “invent together” and it’s about working in a truly integrated way that includes the full participation of clients and Genuine’s team of subject matter experts. We believe that the best solutions come from harnessing a diversity of perspectives. “Invent Together” is more than just how we work. It also describes the essence of our agency. We’re makers and collaborators who are passionate about technology and digital culture, and our purpose is to help clients navigate the digital future by helping them to understand changes in technology, culture and media.

We Make Your Brand Easier to Love: We believe that today’s most successful brands are winning by connecting with users on two levels: they’re forging an emotional connection that creates brand affinity and they’re delivering a frictionless experience that removes frustration.

In other words, we want to make your brand easier to love.

Design Thinking + Brand Development: We do this by bringing design thinking to brand development. We combine the emotional storytelling of advertising with the frictionless experiences enabled by technology, delivered through relevant connections that leverage digital media platforms, all based on data-driven strategy. It’s the best of both worlds.

Mitch Blum, SVP, Strategy & Marketing


  • SVP/Creative Strategy - Digitas
  • SVP, Director of Strategy & Planning at Marketing Drive
  • VP Management Supervisor - Arnold Worldwide
  • Account Supervisor - Mullen

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Mitch Blum
SVP, Strategy & Marketing Mitch Blum

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